Warranty (spare parts)

  • At Artintoys we offer 3 months warranty on electric ride on cars spare parts, from date of delivery under the following rules and conditions:
  • In the cases parts are failing/non-functioning, we provide you with spare parts for 3 month free of charge. If that part did not work even after being replaced, the item will be returned, but the postage cost will be paid by artin toys. In case of returning an item, it is customer`s responsibility to deliver it via a safe delivering system  -as in using a courier with the proof of shipment, as we can not be responsible for lost returned items. It is also necessary that items are not used plus the original manual instructions and all related accessories must be intact and returned.
  • Any damage to the item due to misuse or neglect doesn’t include our warranty policy as sometimes, kids ride the car on unsuitable surfaces as mud, thick grass, steeping slopes, or try to push the car manually, all of which exert too much load on the car and activation of the thermal sensor will result in burning the motor.