At artintoys we are proud to provide the opportunity for our clients to buy an electric ride on cars with Lay by shopping. Based on your budget, you can pay regular payments as weekly, fortnightly or monthly for 2 months via credit card (MasterCard, Visa), direct debit with PayPal. Once the balance for electric ride on cars you bought is paid off, you will receive an email about releasing your order from our warehouse plus the estimated time of delivery to your place (delivery address on the initial order).
Please be advised that, our lay-by policy is 4 payments,  each 25% of the total price and these payments are non-refundable.

Note: If your delivery address changes please inform us via email. Also, in cases that regular payment has not been received by company according the initial agreement, we don’t take any responsibility to hold your item and all orders are released once the full payment has been received.