Welcome to artintoys, please review our basic rules in regards to shipment and delivery of Kids Ride On Car and other products.

Shipping and Delivery

cover the cost of packaging, transport and handling. Also when you put your order, our website estimates the rough delivery price through a third party courier which its price may change due to courier policy. We do our best to deliver your product with the cheapest shipping prices plus the fastest way, however due to unpredictable circumstances and specific enquiries, we cannot guarantee the exact time. Shipments and deliveries only occur on weekdays and are subjected to change. Also, if we are out of stock, it is considered as back order, and as soon as it arrives, it will be posted. It is clients’ responsibility to provide the company with the right shipping address as we don’t take any responsibility for wrong address.

Warranty (spare parts)

In artintoys we offer 3 months warranty from date of delivery with rules and conditions as below:
In the cases parts are failing/ non-functioning, we provide you with spare parts for 3 month free of charge. If that part did not work even after being replacement, the item will be returned, but the postage cost needs to be paid by customer. In case of returning an item, it is customer `s responsibility to deliver it via a safe delivering system as courier with the proof of shipment, as we cannot be responsible for lost returned items. It is also necessary that items are not used plus the original manual instructions and all related accessories.
Any damage to the item due to misuse or neglect doesn’t include our warranty policy as sometimes, kids ride the car on unsuitable surfaces as mud, thick grass, steeping slopes, or try to push the car manually, all of which exert too much load on the car and activation of the thermal sensor will result in burning the motor.

Ordering Spare Parts

All parts have 3 months warranty, however if spare parts are required after this period, they will be posted. Feel free to quote us for cost of the spare parts. Please be advised that artintoys is not responsible for the replacement of the car body.

Refund Policy

In cases of unpredictable issues as not being satisfied with the packaging/ quality of Kids Ride On Car, motorbike and other products, costumers have the right of returning the order within 24 hr from the time of receiving the item and notifying us via email. However, packaging should be intact and no signs of scratch on the car. If the product has been opened and used, we cannot return/ refund.
In case of cancelling the order, all fees apply including, handling and shipment for each way.

Please be advised that, all our items dispatching the warehouse are brand new and without any damage, so in case of damaged items, clients are required to refuse accepting it plus taking photos, or sign the damaged item form and notify us within the first 2days after receiving the order. Once the damaged item has been returned by courier, we will send another product to the costumer. In this case clients are not entitled to any postage cost.

In artintoys we have used the most secure way of payment via PayPal to provide our clients with %100 safe shopping as it does not compromise credit card information. Also, our flexible payment option; lay by, provides you with the most convenient way of purchasing your favorite ride on electric toy/pedal and battery powered cars with parental remote.

Trade Sales Information

Are you interested to be our distributor!!!!

We supply all ranges of Kids Ride On Car and motorbike across the Australia. We provide a wide range of services from drop shipping, retail for toys shops and inclusive distributor. If you are interested in selling our range of cars/ motorbikes, please Contact Us.