48 v 1200 w ATV XTM quad bike red (005E)


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New ATV XTM 1200 w 48 v, a Shaft driven Quad Bike that has all the power and all the fun!

Compared to their petrol counterparts’ electric quads have all the power without the hassle of mixing fuel, they are also a lot quieter and there are fewer moving parts so less to go wrong which is a big plus for a lot of customers who may not have that much experience with petrol engines. This ATV QUAD Bike is suitable for 8-16 years old .

The Electric ATV Quad has a steel frame construction with front  and rear hydraulic shocks meaning this bike is more than capable of a little off- road riding. There are front drum brake and rear hydraulic brake and just to add the cherry on top it is 3-speeds.

There is a 3-speeds adjustable key speed limiter so no matter the child’s experience the quads speed can be tailored to match. This Electric ATV also reaches speeds of up to 45 km/h very quietly, no noise or pollution. The ATV Quad Bike is the full package and is perfect for those new to quads as well as the more experienced rider. This Quad Bike is suitable for use on grass, dirt or hard surfaces.

This product requires Assembly.

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Arrival date: Red: 05/05/2024

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ATV XTM Quad Bike 1200 w 48 v


  • type: Electric ATV Quad Bike
  • Recommended age: 8-12 years of age (low speed) and 12-16 years of age (high speed)
  • Recommended load capacity: up to 110 Kg
  • Speed limit: Parental control 3 speed adjustable by key
  • Top speed: 45 Km/h
  • 3 Speeds: Low: 10 Km/h, Medium: 25 Km/h,  High: 45 Km/h
  • Running distance: 30 Km (per charge)
  • Battery: 48 v- 20 Ah lead acid
  • Motor: 1200 w Brush-Less Shaft Motor
  • Transmission: Shaft Drive
  • Frame: Steel
  • Front Shock: Front hydraulic Shock
  • Rear Shock: Rear hydraulic Shock
  • Front and Rear Wheels: 16*8-7
  • Brakes: front drum brake and rear hydraulic brake
  • Horn
  • LED lights
  • Better Quality tire
  • Battery meter
  • High DMHC Controller
  • SAA certificated Charger
  • Quad Bike size (L*W*H): 145*92*91 cm
  • Quad Bike weight: 115 kg
  • Box size(L*W*H): 129*76*61 cm
  • Safety Considerations
    Assembly: This product requires Assembly.
    Helmet: Your kid's little head should always be safely protected with a Motorbike Helmet when he or she is riding a ATV Quad Bike.

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Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 135 × 80 × 70 cm

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