48 v 1000 w Electric Race Go-Kart black (GK-01)


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48 v 1000 w Go Kart is the hottest Electric Race ATV on the market. The Go-Kart is a technically impressive marvel of a vehicle with power and speeds that will leave everything else in the dust.

The new high torque Go kart upgraded Brush-Less motor, makes for a quiet and smooth ride. Now with a non slip live rear axle, giving power to both rear wheels. A chain drive and all terrain tires help put the motor's power straight to the ground for maximum grip. All while the hydraulic rear disc brake offer fast, smooth stopping power to both rear wheels.

It has a whopping max speed of 35 km/h making it effectively as fast as actual Go-Karts at a dedicated track course. The powerful battery allows it to last over an hour on faster settings meaning that the cumbersome task of plugging it into a wall has been kept to a minimum. This Electric ATV is suitable for 7-12 years old .

Parents will be a fan of the safety features to balance out the fast speeds. It has a standard braking system and seat belt, but more importantly is the alternate speed restriction. There is a 3-speeds adjustable key speed limiter so no matter the child’s experience the Go Kart speed can be tailored to match. The Go Kart is the full package and is perfect for those new to Go Kart as well as the more experienced rider.

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48 v 1000 w electric Go Kart 


  • type: Electric Go Kart
  • Recommended age: 8-12 years of age (low speed) and 12-16 years of age (high speed)
  • Recommended load capacity: up to 90 Kg
  • Speed limit: Parental control 3 speed adjustable by key
  • Top speed: 35 Km/h
  • 3 Speeds: Low: 10 Km/h, Medium: 20 Km/h,  High: 35 Km/h
  • Running distance: 40 Km (per charge)
  • Battery: 48 v- 12 Ah lead acid
  • Motor: 1000 w Brush-Less Motor
  • Gear: Forward, Neutral, Reverse
  • Frame: Durable tube steel frame with protective roll cage
  • Seat: Seat distance adjustable
  • Seat belt
  • Front and Rear Wheels: 13*5.00-6
  • Brakes: Disk brakes
  • Better Quality tire
  • SAA certificated Charger
  • Go Kart size (L*W*H): 133*81*93 cm
  • Go Kart weight: 90 kg
  • Box size(L*W*H): 140*83*66 cm
  • Box weight: 85 kg

Additional information

Weight 105 kg
Dimensions 150 × 90 × 70 cm

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